A Family Drama: Group Script for 3 Players


By Simon Law
Group Script for 3 Players
GABRIELLA: 27 years old, BA cabin crew, CHARLOTTE: a 24 year old with ‘Narcolepsy’, KATIE: a 55 year old suffering from ‘Chiraptophobia’
The scene is set in the cabin of a British Airways flight to New York. Passengers are taking their seats and putting their hand luggage in the overhead compartments.
CHARLOTTE has a small dozing pillow with her, KATIE has a phone and ear plugs. 

Extract from Script:


KATIE: Look, ….  I have a condition called ‘Chiraptophobia’ …(pushes CHARLOTTE’s head off with her phone)

GABRIELLA: I’m sorry, but you should have informed us before the flight if you have an uncontrollable fear of flying.

KATIE: It’s not a fear of flying, I can’t stand being touched, and this, this woman is resting her head on me and snorting!

CHARLOTTE: (Snorts again and wakes up) Oh, I’m sorry, did I drift off, sorry about that, (yawns)  that’s why I wanted to sit by the window, I have ‘Narcolepsy’, I fall asleep just about anywhere, all the time, it can be so embarrassing, I remember … once I …… (falls asleep onto GABRIELLA)

GABRIELLA: Madam, madam, wake up please, WAKE UP MADAM! (Slaps her face gently, then sits her upright in her chair, she slowly falls onto KATIE again)

KATIE: GET HER OFF OF ME!! (Stands up and takes her seat belt off CHARLOTTE slumps onto the arm rest)

GABRIELLA: Look I’m sorry but you must both take your seats and sit in an upright position for take off. 

KATIE: I’m not sitting next to her. I refuse! She’s got a condition, she goes to sleep all the time, and I hate being touched, so please do something about it.


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