Acting Bundle 2: 5 x Duologue Scripts for Boys Aged 13+

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  • Blackadder Goes Forth: Over the Top
  • Macbeth On The Loose: by Robert Walker
  • Oliver Twist: By Charles Dickens
  • The Odd Couple: By Neil Simon Fight Scene
  • Two Weeks with the Queen: By Mary Morris (from the novel by Morris Gleitzman)

Blackadder Goes Forth: Over the Top: (1916 – in the trench, it’s raining)Characters: Lt. The Hon. George Colthurst St Barleigh – George , Edmund Blackadder. GEORGE: I’m as bored as a pacifists pistol. When are we going to see some action? EDMUND: Well, George, I strongly suspect that your long wait for certain death is nearly at an end. Surely you must have noticed something in the air…

Macbeth On The Loose: Timothy is terribly under confident, but has been given the main role in Macbeth in the upcoming school production! One of his classmates has forged documentation to ‘take his throne’ and get the part for himself! But Gordon, Tim’s best friend, is on to him!! The lights go up in the rehearsal hall. No one is present apart from TIMOTHY, sitting by himself on the stage. Suddenly GORDON, in truly heroic style, comes bursting through the door with tremendous energy.

GORDON: Here you are! TIMOTHY: (Pausing, confused.) Here I am. GORDON: (Strides over to him.) I need to speak to you before the others get here. Bad things are going down, Tim. Corruption is rife in this seemingly cosy little gang and it must be stopped.

Oliver Twist: OLIVER, abandoned in the workhouse, has been given employment with Mr and Mrs Sowerberry, the local undertakers. He has been sleeping amongst the coffins, on the floor of the undertaker’s shop and is suddenly woken by a loud kicking on the Shop door.

NOAH: (From outside) Open the door will you?OLIVER: (Running to undo the chains on the door) I will, directly, sir.

The Odd Couple: Follows on from the previous hoover scene: OSCAR and FELIX argue and get all their frustrations out in the open

FELIX: (Sits at table with great pretense of calm) Alright, Oscar, I’d like to know what’s happened. OSCAR: (Moves towards him.) What’s happened? FELIX: (Hurriedly slides over to the next chair) That’s right. Something must have caused you to go off the deep end like this. What is it? Something I said? Something I did? Heh? What? OSCAR: (Pacing) It’s nothing you said. It’s nothing you did. It’s you!

Two Weeks with the Queen: COLIN, an Australian boy, about 14, has been sent to stay with relatives in England. His cousin, ALISTAIR, the same age, is an inexperienced ‘Mummy’s boy’. COLIN’s is very confident and assertive, unlike ALISTAIR who is more than a little gullible. The scene takes place in ALISTAIR’s parents’ sitting room. A London suburb.

ALISTAIR: Colin? COLIN: What? ALISTAIR: Have you really ridden a trail bike, or were you pulling my leg?

COLIN: Straight up. Yamaha 2.5o. Twin exhaust, cross-country gear ratios. ALISTAIR: Brill.