A New Style: 3 or 4 Players – 10 – 15 Yrs


This script has been adapted for 3 or 4 players, with longer and shorter 4 player versions.

DANA is sitting in a diner waiting to see her friends. She’s had a haircut and isn’t really sure if she or they will like it. She is a volcanic personality and her best friend ANN tries to keep her calm and reassured when her other ‘so called’ friends voice their honest opinions!

HOLLY: Anything would look better on you than those stupid ponytails you always wear. Talk about needing a new style ANN: Well look who’s talking! You with the split ends! HOLLY: I don’t have split ends! ANN: Well, maybe you should look a little closer! And Dana, your hair looks so healthy now. It’s not weighed down, but bouncy and shiny! DANA: You really like it! ANN: I’m liking it more and more every minute! DANA: Really? ANN: Really. HOLLY: Can I disagree?


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