7 x Short Poems for 4 – 7 Year Olds


  • If You Should Meet a Crocodile: Anon – Adapted by Simon Law
  • Tarantula: by Clare Bevan
  • Sock Song: by Clare Bevan
  • Stripy Tiger: by Daphne Lister
  • Footprints: by John Travers Moore
  • The Magic Cat: by Peter Dixon
  • Rhubarb Ted by Ann O’Connor


If You Should Meet a Crocodile: For as he sleeps upon the Nile, He’s getting thinner and thinner, But whenever you meet a crocodile, He’s ready for his dinner!!

Tarantula: A muncher, A cruncher,With greedy jaws gnashing

Sock Song: On sock, Two socks, Silly things to lose, And when I’ve found my socks, I’ll be looking for my shoes!

Stripy Tiger: A panda is patchy, A leopard has spots, A giraffe’s sort of blotchy, A deer has white dots.

Footprints: But when the tide came in, it washed, My footprints all away

The Magic Cat: Our cat turned magic, straight away, and in the garden went to play, where it grew two massive wings, and flew around in fancy rings.

Rhubarb Ted: But then one day to my surprise, I saw he wore a leek!


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