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Miss Trunchbull - Ribbon Monolgue



 Ribbon Monologue

The scene is set in the classroom, MISS  TRUNCHBULL lines up the girls against the wall, whilst she makes room in the middle by pushing large desks against the wall. Miss Honey and Matilda are sat at Miss Honey’s desk with a jug of water and a glass. The jug is suspended in the air by Matilda’s powers. Miss Honey quickly grabs the jug as MISS TRUNCHBULL approaches them.


 Ribbon Monologue

Adapted from the Original Screenplay

For By Simon Law


A child came to my house. I don’t know how, when or why. But I know a child came. (Sneering) Did you know it was illegal to enter someone’s home without permission? (Mimicking) Yes Miss Trunchbull.

Stomach in! Shoulders back! Do any of you recognize this? (She holds up a red ribbon) Let’s play a game. Who was wearing a pretty, red ribbon yesterday – and isn’t wearing one today?

Who does this disgusting ribbon belong to? (She throws it onto the floor, stamps on it and spits on it)


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