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Matilda - Group Script 4 Players



Adapted from the original screenplay

For By Simon Law

Set in Harry’s Garage adjoining their house. Harry is working on a car, Matilda is helping


Adapted from the original screenplay

For By Simon Law

Group script for 4 Players

Characters: Matilda, Harry, Zinnia & Miss Honey

MATILDA: It’s lovely. It’s “Moby Dick” by Herman Melville.

HARRY: What?

MATILDA: It’s a library book!

HARRY: I’m fed up with all this reading! You’re a Wormwood! Act like one! Sit up and look at the TV!

MATILDA: (The TV turns itself off when Matilda stares at it)  I didn’t do it.

HARRY: Of course not, you little twit! (Banging the TV) I told you that was a cheap set.

ZINNIA: It’s not cheap, it’s stolen. Put the light on!

(The doorbell rings HARRY answers it)

MISS HONEY: I’m Jennifer Honey. I’m Matilda’s teacher.

HARRY: What’s she done now? You! Go to your room, right now! (MATILDA hides up the stairs so she can see through the banisters) She’s your problem now.

MISS HONEY: There is no problem.


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