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Characters: JANE and GEORGE

JANE and GEORGE are letting off fireworks on the 11th of December to celebrate after the heir to the throne cuts his first tooth. All of their relatives have head colds, so the children are allowed to go out into the garden alone for the fireworks. Little do they know that their adventures that night will lead them to the Arctic regions and a great ice dragon.

Extract from script:

JANE: It’s so cold.

GEORGE: Is that  why you’re wearing your fur cape, and your thick gloves, and your hood with the silver fox fur on it made out of Mother’s old muff?

JANE: You’re wearing your overcoat with the three capes, and your blanket, and Father’s sealskin travelling cap with the pieces that come down over your ears.

GEORGE: I’ve never been so cold in our own garden before. But it’s worth it, to see all the fireworks.

JANE: Let’s light our own firework. (They light the firework, which fizzes a bit and soon goes out)

GEORGE: That was a rotten firework. Let’s get up on the fence so that we can see the ones from next door. And the fireworks at the Crystal Palace are even better. (They climb up on the fence)

JANE: Look… look, can you see that over there? Far away, at the edge of the dark world.

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