Practically Perfect

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Nursery Scene

Group Script for 3 Players

Characters: Mary Poppins, Jane, Michael

The nursery is an airy room, light and full of optimism. The CHILDREN  rush in to find that MARY POPPINS is already there. 

Extract from Script

MARY POPPINS:  Very tidy, I must say. Tidier than I was expecting. Who’s responsible for  that?  

JANE: Mrs. Bri ..

MICHAEL: Me. I am. I like to keep things neat. 

MARY POPPINS: Do you indeed? Well, I look forward to making use of that.  If there’s one thing I appreciate, it’s a child whose word I can depend  on.  (scoops up a boy doll) Who’s he when he’s at home? 

JANE: That’s Valentine. He’s mine. 

MARY POPPINS: From the look on his face, I’m not sure he’d agree with you.