Acting Bundle: 3 x Group Scripts for 3/4 Girls Aged 11+


  • A​ ​New Style: By Laurie Allen
  • Belinda’s Dirty Boots: By Simon Law – Based on the Enid Blyton Series: St Clare’s
  • Is That a Tattoo?: By Simon Law

A​ ​New Style: 3 Players – Cast: Ann, Dana, Holly. DANA is sitting in a diner waiting to see her friends. She’s had a haircut and isn’t really sure if she or they will like it. She is a volcanic personality and her best friend ANN tries to keep her calm and reassured when her other ‘so called’ friends voice their honest opinions!

Belinda’s Dirty Boots:4 Players: Aged 10 – 13. Characters: The Twins: Patricia, Isabel. Belinda & Kathline.

Kathline: (Running into the room) Anyone seen the O’Sullivan twins? Patricia: (Turning around) Who wants to know? Kathline: Belinda Towers!!

Is That a Tattoo?: 3 Players: Characters: MUM, JULIE & SARAH . 

JULIE is 15 years old and went to a party with her older sister SARAH the night before on 31st March, it’s Sunday morning in the kitchen. MUM: Morning darling, how was your party, did you enjoy yourself? JULIE: Yeah, it was great. MUM: Just great, that’s it? JULIE: Yep. MUM: So, who was there? JULIE: Oh, just the usual girls. MUM: Just the usual girls? JULIE: Yep!


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