500 Ideas for Drama Activities for Key Stages 1 & 2 (Digital Book 2)

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Digital Book 2 Contents

100 Mime Activity Ideas:

These ideas should provide plenty of fun and imaginative mime actions

  1. Swimming in a pool
  2. Riding a roller coaster
  3. Eating a giant ice cream cone
  4. Playing hide and seek
  5. Blowing up a balloon + 95 more

100 Ideas for Articulation and Projection: 

Remember to make these exercises engaging and fun to keep the children interested and motivated while they work on their articulation and projection skills in drama.

  1. Tongue Twisters: Practice saying tongue twisters like “She sells seashells by the seashore.”
  2. Animal Voices: Make animal sounds and imitate different creatures.
  3. Storytelling: Have each student tell a short story with clear articulation.
  4. Alphabet Challenge: Take turns saying the alphabet with exaggerated articulation.
  5. Echo Game: One student says a word, and the others repeat it with clarity. + 95 more

100: Ideas for Making Group Shapes:

Creating shapes in a drama lesson for 7-9 year olds can be a fun and creative exercise to encourage teamwork and imagination. Here are 100 ideas for small groups to make shapes together. These ideas should spark the children’s creativity and help them work together to form various shapes and scenes during their drama lesson.

  1. Circle
  2. Square
  3. Triangle
  4. Rectangle
  5. Star + 95 more

100: Expressions and Emotions:

These expressions and emotions can serve as a fun and engaging way for 7 to 9-year-olds to explore and practise their acting skills in a drama lesson. Enjoy the creativity and imagination that comes with these dramatic expressions!

Happy Expressions:

  1. Joyful laughter
  2. Clapping with excitement
  3. Jumping for joy
  4. Hugging a friend
  5. Dancing with glee + 95 more

100: Ideas for Creating Statues:

These ideas should provide a great starting point for your drama lesson. Encourage them to use their creativity and imagination to bring these statues to life!

  1. Statue of a superhero flying.
  2. Statue of a scared explorer in a jungle.
  3. Statue of a pirate digging for treasure.
  4. Statue of a robot dancing.
  5. Statue of a sleeping baby. + 95 more

Digital Book 2 Contents

100 Mime Activity Ideas

100 Ideas for Articulation and Projection

100: Ideas for Making Group Shapes

100: Expressions and Emotions

100: Ideas for Creating Statues