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Matilda - Miss Trunchbull - Newt Monolgue



Newt Monologue

The scene is set in the classroom, MISS  TRUNCHBULL lines up the children in the middle of the room.  Miss Honey is standing by the children.


Newt Monologue

From the Original Screenplay

Adapted by Simon Law For

Characters: Miss Trunchbull

Sit down, you squirming worm! Get up! Can you spell? You can  spell “difficulty”  You can’t spell “difficulty”!  She taught you with  a poem? How sweet. What poem is that? (talking back to herself)

Mrs. D. Mrs. I.

Mrs. F. F. I.

Mrs. C. Mrs. U.

Mrs. L. T. Y.

Why are all these women married? (To Miss Honey) You teach spelling, not poetry! Why do small children take so long to grow up? They do it deliberately, just to annoy me. (She starts to drink from a glass – in the glass Matilda has magiced a newt)



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