Whispers of the Deep by Simon Law

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  • Duologue suitable for 7 – 10 Year Olds
  • Ideal for LAMDA Level 1 Acting Duologue Exam

Characters: SIREN: A wise and ancient mermaid who has lived in the depths of the ocean for centuries. MARINA: A young and adventurous mermaid who is eager to explore the world above the sea.

Scene: A tranquil underwater cave, illuminated by glowing plants. Siren is seated on a rock, her long, silver hair flowing gracefully around her. Marina swims in, her tail sparkling with curiosity.

Extract from Script

SIREN: (Smiling) Marina, my dear, you seem more restless than usual today. What troubles your heart?

MARINA: (Excited) Siren, I can’t help it! The surface world… it calls to me! I’ve heard tales of wonders up there—sunsets, ships, and strange creatures. I long to see it all!

SIREN: (Gently) Ah, the surface world, a realm of both beauty and danger. I have watched it for centuries, Marina, and I understand your curiosity. But it’s not as simple as it seems.

MARINA: (Eager) Please, Siren, tell me more! I want to know everything.