Unicorns and Alleycats; 2 scripts on long the other shorter

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by D. M. Larson 

(Lights come up on an alley scene. The only object on the set that is needed is a large box, ULC. A garbage can, etc. can be added. DUDE, a person made up to be a scraggly alley cat, is resting happily upon the box. There are city noises in the background along with the sound of a gentle rain) 

Extract from Script:

DUDE: Ah, rain. (Smiling and stretching) What a wonderful thing it is. So refreshing (Jumps down and splashes a puddle with his paw and shakes it of ) … so fun (Jumps through another mud puddle) I love puddles. (Takes a deep breath and then coughs a little) The smells of the city that the rain brings out are unequalled. (Smiles and looks around) I love the city. (Calls out) What would I do without you?! (Yowls loudly. A window slams shut of R. Smiles and chuckles) Heh, heh. Ain’t it great? (Suddenly, the sounds of loud honking and car slamming on their brakes are heard from the street of L. DUDE is startled and hops behind his box. He peeks out from behind it just as a unicorn, Tink, runs into the alley and stops RC, out of breath and very scared) 

TINK: (Panicked) Oh, why did I ever come here? This is a perfectly awful 

place. (Dude moves around L of box in awe at seeing a unicorn) It’s smelly, rainy, and dirty. The people are so unkind. Everything is so big. I don’t understand it at all. I’m so very frightened. I wanna go home. 

DUDE: (From behind her) You’re a unicorn!