The Whoville Whirlwind

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Extract from Script

Cindy Lou Who: (Excitedly) Christmas is just around the corner, and I can’t wait for all the fun!

Mayor Augustus: (In a cheerful tone) Indeed, Cindy Lou! This year’s celebration will be the best one yet!

Martha May Whovier: (Hanging ornaments) And I’ve got a surprise decoration that’ll make everyone’s hearts grow three sizes!

Mayor Augustus: Oh, really Martha May, and how do you expect to do that, may I ask?

Martha MayWhovier: Just you wait and see, it wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you!

Cindy Lou Who: Oh, I love surprises so much, can you really make our hearts grow three sizes Martha May?

Martha MayWhovier: (Whispering) Stay close to me, and you’ll be the first one to see

Characters: Cindy Lou Who, Mayor Augustus, Martha May Whovier, The Grinch

Setting: Whoville Town Square, a few days before Christmas. The Whoville Town Square is decorated with colourful lights and ornaments. The Whos are busy preparing for Christmas.