My Best Friend Grace, by Laurence Harbison

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Extract from Script:

HER: Why are you following me? 

HIM: Me? 

HER: You’ve been everywhere lately. And now here. (HE stares. SHE flicks her hair.) Staring. Always staring. At me. 

HIM: I haven’t been following you. I may have been staring, though. Sorry. You look like a friend. My friend. Grace. You look exactly like her. 

HER: If I look exactly like her, then maybe I am her. If I look exactly like her, why not say, “Hi, Grace”? 

HIM: Your nose is different.

Eddie misses his friend Grace and feels guilty for not going to her funeral. He bumps into a girl he thinks looks very much like her on a deserted road. 

Suitable for Young Adults/Teenagers 

At rise. HER enters, walking quickly, then suddenly slower. HIM enters, walking quickly, following the same path as her. SHE whirls around and faces him.