6 x Vocal Warm Ups for 4 – 7 Year Olds


  • Musical Conversations
  • Buzzy Bee
  • Circle Sounds
  • Whole Voice Vocal Warm Up
  • Vocal Warm Up
  • Voice Recognition

Musical Conversations: Put on some fun dancing music, children dance and when the music stops they silently find a partner.

Buzzy Bee: Warm up/fast warm up keeping the rhythm. Teacher leads the activity. Teacher says: Buzzy Buzzy Bee

Circle Sounds: All children stand or sit in a circle. One by one the children think of their own ideas of how to make sounds. Child 1: I know, let’s scream

Whole Voice Vocal Warm Up: Teacher leads/class respond using the appropriate voice. Teacher says: Can I hear your spoken voice? Class: Yes you can, yes you can. Teacher says: Can I hear your strong voice?

Vocal Warm Up: (Changing the tone of the voice/confidence) All children sit in a circle and one at a time say their own name in their own speaking voice

Voice Recognition: All sit in a circle and one child is blindfolded and sits on a chair/beanbag out of the circle.


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