Parent Trap (from the 1998 screenplay) Duologue 10 – 13 Yrs

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Twins ANNIE and HALLIE are strangers until coincidence unites them. The preteen girls’ divorced parents, Nick and Elizabeth, are living on opposite sides of the Atlantic, each with one child. After meeting at Summer Camp, American HALLIE and British-raised ANNIE engineer an identity swap.

ANNIE: How cool. (points to the back of a Man) Who’s that? HALLIE: Oh, that’s my Dad… He didn’t know I was taking a picture or he would’ve turned around.  He’s kinda like my best friend.  We do everything together. (ANNIE reacts strangely, as if chilled, she rubs the goosebumps on her arms) HALLIE: What’s the matter? ANNIE: (Pulling down her sleeves) It’s chilly in here, that’s all. (HALLIE crosses to her trunk and takes out a bag of Oreos.  Sees ANNIE watching her) HALLIE: Want one? ANNIE: Sure.  I love Oreos.  At home, I eat them with peanut butter. HALLIE: (Stops, surprised) You do?  That’s so weird.  So do I. ANNIE: You’re kidding?  Most people find that totally disgusting. HALLIE: I know. I don’t get it.  ANNIE: Me neither. (The Girls laugh, feel a little guilty for enjoying each other’s company, then laugh even harder.  HALLIE digs a jar of peanut butter from her trunk and opens it.  The Girls start eating)