5 x Whole Class Acting, Mime and Imagination Games 4 – 9 Yrs


  • The Magic Carpet Ride:
  • Changing Floor Weather Game:
  • In the Bath:
  • TV Game:
  • The Key Game:

The Magic Carpet Ride: A whole group/class imagination acting game for boys and girls aged 4 years to 9 years Good for  improvisation, imagination, acting skills and working together in a small group. The children are put into groups of  two, three or four depending on the class size. You will need a small sheet or piece of material for each group to sit on for the magic carpet.

Changing Floor Weather Game: Sit the children in a large group then give the children a number  1 2 3 4 (depending on how many children you have) to split them into groups to come into the circle to perform  (young children like funny names for their groups such as sausage/chips/hot dogs/baked beans etc.)

In the Bath: All the children are to imagine that they are having a lovely long hot bath full of bubbles. The children work individually and must imagine how they feel.

TV Game: Teacher explains that every child will represent a channel on the tv.  

  • Every child must think of programmes that they or their family watch and think of some good ideas.

The Key Game: All children sit in a circle.

  • Teacher explains: that every child is to imagine that they are a door.
  • It could be a real door eg: (door to an ice cream van, door to a spooky castle, door to the hairdressers) or an imaginary door eg: (door to under the sea, door to the moon)


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