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Acting Bundle: 4 x Duologue Scripts for Girls Aged 13+ (3)


  • The Day After the Fair: By Frank Harvey (adapted from a short story by Thomas Hardy)
  • The Odd Couple: Female Version – Hoover Scene – By Neil Simon
  • The Odd Couple: Female Version – Pre-Dinner Scene – By Neil Simon 
  • The Odd Couple: Female Version – Tea Cup Scene – By Neil Simon


The Day After the Fair:  EDITH: I don’t care, Anna. I cannot go on. I shouldn’t go on. And it’s not only him I’m thinking of – I’m thinking of the effect it’s having on me. ANNA: On you, ma’am? EDITH: Yes. ANNA: But it can’t have any effect on you, ma’am. EDITH: How can you say that? ANNA: Because . . EDITH: Well? ANNA: Because you’re married already.

The Odd Couple: Hoover Scene: FLORENCE takes the vacuum cleaner and crosses into the kitchen with it. OLIVE steps on the cord, as FLORENCE yanks from the kitchen. On the third yank, OLIVE lifts her foot and we hear a loud crash from the kitchen.  FLORENCE comes out limping as OLIVE smiles and sits on sofa. FLORENCE is carrying a tray with a steaming dish of spaghetti on it. She sits at the table and sprays cheese on the spaghetti and begins to eat. OLIVE gets up, takes deodorizer can and crosses. She sprays all around FLORENCE to erase the scent of the spaghetti and gives one final spray into the dish of spaghetti itself. . . FLORENCE puts down her fork and napkin, trying to contain her anger. OLIVE has resumed her seat on the sofa and continues reading. FLORENCE: Alright, how much longer is this going to go on? Are you going to spend the rest of your life not talking to me?

The Odd Couple: Pre-Dinner Scene: OLIVE: (Aloud to kitchen) Oh, God, it’s gorgeous … It looks like a Noel Coward play. (She kicks off her  shoes, takes off her jacket, throws it on chair but it misses and hits the floor. She starts to take off her skirt. She has already put her briefcase on the dining table.) I feel alive again … I feel glamorous . . . I feel like somebody on ‘Dynasty’. (She crosses to the bathroom carrying the dress in the  plastic bag from the cleaners that she brought in with her. FLORENCE comes in from the kitchen. She is carrying a large green garbage bag. She looks around at the mess OLIVE has left. She goes around and picks up the the items, the briefcase, the skirt, blouse, shoes, and  one by one, puts them in the garbage bag. Then she twirls it into a knot, crosses to the hall closet, opens the door and throws the bag in along with five or six other filled garbage bags. Then she crosses back into the kitchen. OLIVE comes out of bedroom, zipping up her dress, brushing back her hair. She crosses to the table against wall and gets out bobby pins and her shoes from one of the drawers. FLORENCE comes out holding a wooden ladle and glares at OLIVE, FLORENCE sit) OLIVE: (Continued; doing up her hair) Oh, you look beautiful. I love the big earrings. Very Espanol . . . What’s the matter, Florence? . . . Something’s wrong. I can tell by your conversation . . . Alright. Come on, What is it?

The Odd Couple: Tea Cup Scene: FLORENCE: (Starts to clean up table) That’s something, isn’t it, Olive. They think we’re lucky. They think we’re enjoying this. They don’t know, Olive. They don’t know what it’s like. OLIVE: (Flat and cold) I’d be immensely grateful to you, Florence, if you didn’t clean up just now. FLORENCE: (Still cleaning up) It’s only a few things . . . Can you imagine they actually envy us. OLIVE: Florence, leave everything alone. I’m not through dirtying up for the night.

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