Peter and the Wolf – Ages 8 – 11 Group Script: 5 Players

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  • Based on an original story by Sergei Prokofiev – Adapted by Gaynor Law

Group Script: 5 Players – Characters: Peter, Wolf, Duck, Bird, Cat. Peter’s Grandfather has told him not to go into the woods through the meadow as there may be a WOLF there, but PETER is tempted by the BIRD, asking him to come and play.


BIRD: Well done Peter, You saved me too!

DUCK: Quack, quack! Quack, quack!

PETER: Wait, I can hear something quacking, that poor old duck must still be inside the Wolf’s tummy.

BIRD: Listen I can hear him too. What can we do to rescue him

CAT: Come here bird, I promise I won’t eat you

BIRD: No, no I’m not coming near you, you’ll eat me

CAT: I promise I won’t

DUCK: Quack, quack

WOLF: What’s that strange noise inside my tummy, I think I might have indigestion!