The Rope – Duologue Script



By Plautus: Adapted for Scriptsandsketches.com 


Characters: LABRAX & GRUPUS 

Titus Maccius Plautus (254 BC to 184 BC) adapted Greek comedies for the amusement of Roman audiences and his work is the earliest surviving Latin literature we possess. 

The only daughter of Daemones was kidnapped when she was young and sold to the slave dealer LABRAX . A young man, named Plesidippus, falls in love with her and gives LABRAX a down payment . The untrustworthy slave dealer is convinced that the young woman could be sold for more money in Sicily and steals away in the night. A storm wrecks the ship and washes away the slave dealer’s treasure trunk, which not only contains money but objects that identify Palaestra as Daemones’ daughter. GRIPUS, the slave of Daemones, fishes up the trunk and, in this scene, bargains with LABRAX over the trunk’s return. 


Extract from Script

LABRAX: I was washed out in the sea last night. Ship lost, all my possessions lost; cleaned out. 

GRIPUS: Really? What did you lose? 

LABRAX: A trunk with a lot of gold and silver. 

GRIPUS: Did you now? Can you remember anything particular that was in this trunk? 

LABRAX: What’s it matter? It’s all gone now. Let’s talk of something else. 

GRIPUS: What if I know who found it? If you could give me some identification marks 

LABRAX: (Eagerly) It contained eight hundred gold pieces in a wallet, and a hundred Philippic minas in a separate bag. 

GRIPUS: (Aside) Phew! That’s a nice haul! I’m in for a handsome profit. Bless you, gods; I shall clean up after all! It’s his trunk all right… Anything else? 

LABRAX: A talent of good silver in a purse; and a bowl, tankard pitcher, an urn and a ladle

GRIPUS: Corks! You had a pretty juicy fortune, then? 

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