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Acting Bundle: The Odd Couple: 3 x Duologue Scenes


  • The Odd Couple: by Neil Simon – The Hoover Scene
  • The Odd Couple: by Neil Simon – Pre-Dinner Scene
  • The Odd Couple: by Neil Simon – Teacup Scene



The Odd Couple:  – The Hoover Scene: FELIX appears from the bedroom with a vacuum cleaner. He is doing a thorough job on the rug. As he vacuums around the table, the door opens and OSCAR comes in wearing a summer hat and carrying a newspaper. He glares at FELIX, still vacuuming, and shakes his head contemptuously, as he crosses behind FELIX, leaving his hat on the side table next to the armchair, and goes into his bedroom. FELIX is not aware of his presence. Then suddenly the power stops on the vacuum as OSCAR has obviously pulled the plug in the bedroom. FELIX tries switching the ON button a few times, then turns to go back into bedroom. He stops and realizes what’s happened as OSCAR comes back into the room. OSCAR takes a cigar out of his pocket and as he crosses in front of FELIX to the couch, he unwraps it and drops the wrappings carelessly on the floor. He then steps up on the couch and walks back and forth mashing down the pillows. Stepping down, he plants one foot on the armchair and then sits on the couch, taking a wooden match from the coffee table, striking it on the table, and lighting his cigar. He flips the match onto the rug and settles back to read his newspaper.

The Odd Couple: – Pre-Dinner Scene: (FELIX sits glumly and silently) Hey, no kidding, Felix, you did a great job. One little suggestion? Let’s come down a little with the light’s . . . (Switches of wall brackets) and up very softly with the music. (He crosses to stereo in bookcase and picks up albums) What do you think goes better with London broil, Mancini or Sinatra? (FELIX just stares ahead) Felix? . . . What’s the matter? (Puts albums down) Something’s wrong. I can tell by your conversation. (Goes into bathroom, gets bottle of aftershave lotion, comes out and puts it on) Alright, Felix, what is it? FELIX: (Without looking at him) What is it? Let’s start with what time do you think it is? OSCAR: What time? I don’t know. Seven-thirty?

The Odd Couple: – Teacup Scene:  FELIX: (Staring at door) That’s funny, isn’t it, Oscar? . . . They think we’re happy. . . . They really think we’re enjoying this. . . . (Gets up and begins to straighten up chairs) They don’t know, Oscar. They don’t know what it’s like. (He gives a short, ironic laugh, tucks napkins under arm and starts to pick up dishes from table) OSCAR: I’d be immensely grateful to you, Felix, if you didn’t clean up just now. FELIX: (Puts dishes on tray) It’s only a few things . . . . (He stops and looks back at door) I can’t get over what Murray just said. . . . You know I think they really envy us. (Clears more stuff from table)

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