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Invisible Friends - Duologue - 10+ Yrs


LUCY is a lonely teenager, with her father glued to the television, her mother preoccupied with gossip and her brother enclosed in his ear-phones. So LUCY revives her childhood fantasy friend, ZARA. However, ZARA materialises for real.

LUCY: You’d better tell me who you are at once or I’ll call my parents … ZARA: Can’t you guess who I am, Lucy? LUCY: I’ll call my brother. Gary’s very strong … ZARA: No, he’s not. Gary’s a weed, Lucy. LUCY: Don’t say that … ZARA: You said it yourself. You said it to me. Gary’s a weed, you said once … LUCY: I’ve never spoken to you. ZARA: Lucy, you talk to me all the time. You tell me everything. Your deepest secrets. I know everything there is to know about you, Lucy. LUCY: You can’t. Nobody does.

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