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Bundle: 3 x Improvisation Sketches: Ages 5 - 8


  • Don’t Tell Me Tell Her!!: Improvisation Sketch for 4 – 8 Year Olds
  • Did You Know: Improvisation Sketch for 4 – 8 Year Olds
  • What’s your excuse?: Group Improvisation script for 5 – 8 Year Olds

Don’t Tell Me Tell Her!!: Created from a classroom improvisation. ELLIE stands in between Ellen and Jocie holding them apart

Did You Know: (adding an extra bit on the end of the story each time, here are some ideas) Child 1 runs up to another child: Did you know that John (any name) threw a custard pie at the English teacher?

What’s your Excuse?: Can improvise and have their own excuses with older girls. The birthday girl walks in, she is very excited. Characters: Birthday GIRL (SALLY), Other girls

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