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Alice in Wonderland - Duologue


ALICE: There goes somebody’s shawl. (ALICE catches a flying white shawl in mid-air. Next moment the WHITE QUEEN comes running wildly through the wood with both arms stretched out as if she is flying.) (Helping WHITE QUEEN with her shawl.) May I help you? (To us.) Everything’s crooked, and she’s all over pins.

WHITE QUEEN: (Sadly) I don’t know what’s the matter with that shawl. I’ve pinned it here and I’ve pinned it there, but there’s no pleasing it.

ALICE: (Putting it right as far as she can. ) And what a state your hair is in!

WHITE QUEEN: My hairbrush got tangled up in it! And my comb vanished again.

On a glorious summer’s afternoon, young ALICE happens upon a smartly dressed rabbit looking at his watch and muttering ‘I’m too late!’ This being an unexpected occurrence, she follows him down a nearby rabbit hole and falls into Wonderland where she meets many strange and curious creatures. Here, ALICE tries to help the WHITE QUEEN but finds her too confusing.

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