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Acting Bundle: 4 x Duologue Acting Scripts for Girls Aged 9 - 12 (1)


  • Carbonel: by Barbara Sleigh – adapted by LAMDA
  • Creative Writing: Adapted by Simon Law from an original by Laurie Allen
  • Moody Margarets’ Secret Club: by Simon Law – Based on a Horrid Henry adaptation by Francesca Simon
  • New Beginnings: by Simon Law – Based on the Enid Blyton Series: St Clare’s

Carbonel: is a magic cat. ROSEMARY is a schoolgirl who accidentally buys him. He introduces her to an exciting new world. Rosemary has just bought a rather dilapidated twig broom from an old lady … and is quite upset about her purchase.

Creative Writing: RACHEL and OLIVIA are sitting at a table doing homework, Rachel is struggling and Olivia helps her out.

Moody Margaret’s Secret Club:  is in a tent at the bottom of her garden, and wants to start a new ‘secret club’ She is sat on a mat eating biscuits when Sour Susan creeps up on her.

New Beginnings: Isabel and Patricia are well brought up girls having been to Redroofs boarding school since the age of 8. They are home for the summer holidays





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